Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend on the farm

Had a lovely weekend with family at Lawa...

It was Kate's Pamper party over the long weekend (and our 5 year anniversary :o) Girls did a great job with decor, eats, games..toilet paper dress making. Was really nice and she was spoilt with gorg underwear and lingere :o)

Couldn't resist a few photos of the flora and fauna after the mist set in...

Boys will be boys.. how sweet is Reecie on little bike following dad Maurice on big bike..too cute.

Always enjoy getting away and visiting the farm..looking forward to the Wedding in November.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Have seen these necklace holders around and thought 'that can't be that hard to make ..'And it wasn't actually had fun doing it and love how it turned out :o)

I always said to my mom that when I had a house I would just have a sand pit garden and rake it in pretty patterns....oh how times change and I know she gets a kick out of it when I ask her plant related questions or mention my current gardening project :o)

We bought the house with a little greenhouse at the back which was in rather a bad state and I neglected it while I focused on the interior but I got round to pulling it all out and spraying it to kill all the ugly noonoo's that had destroyed most of the veggies.

After a week of miserable weather the Greenhouse had grown tenfold and is now full of lovely herbs and veggies and I just love going to pick something out the garden to put in the salad or cook for dinner.

I have come to realize Gardening is rather rewarding (and a good hobby to keep me busy when the boys are out riding!)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bath time cuteness!

Yes, I am bias but isn't my nephew toooooo cute!!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Amazing Orchid

Isn't it just gorgeous..most amazing orchid I've it in Feb with about 6 flowers and one or two buds and it has just kept on flowering and flowering it has 23 now!!!